Substrate with perlite QTS3

Substrate with perlite QTS3 / Production

Substrate with perlite QTS3 (perlite 10% by volume) - substrate for rooting

  • pH (H2O) 5,5-6,0
  • 80% light + 20% black peat
  • Fraction: 0-7 and 0-10 mm
  • Water-soluble fertilizer NPK 14:16:18 - 0.5 kg / m3 + microelements

The QTS3 substrate with perlite is used for sowing and dipping young plants. It is used for sowing vegetable seeds, flowers and herbs. These substrates are intended for a shorter production cycle. It is characterized by fine granulation (up to 5 mm in diameter) and is used for sowing smaller seeds. It has a well-balanced ratio of light and black peat.

Light peat has a higher power of water absorption, but it releases faster, while black peat absorbs less water, but it releases it more slowly. This ratio of light and black peat provides the optimal water-air regime. In order to prevent drying, special wetting agents are added to it, which maintain humidity and enable easier re-wetting.
When watered, a quality substrate retains some of the water and releases the excess. Optimal amounts of water and enough pores with air remain in it. Substrates with perlite are most often used in plant rooting.

Substrate with perlite properties

  • It is a good depositor of water and solution
  • The pH is neutral
  • Unfavourable for pathogen development
  • It is environmentally friendly and healthy
  • Adding perlite to the soil improves its water-air regime
  • The use of perlite achieves a prolonged effect of mineral fertilizers and pesticides
  • The presence of perlite in the soil prevents the formation of crusts
Substrate with perlite QTS3

When producing seedlings in a substrate with perlite or perlite itself, it is much easier to remove the plants, without damaging the roots. The air inside the perlite granules is an excellent thermal insulator, so a layer of perlite and earth can be a good protection against frost.

Thanks to their ability to absorb and retain moisture, perlite granules absorb excess moisture from the soil. When the concentration of moisture in the soil decreases, the perlite granules release the absorbed water and thus maintain a favourable water-air regime around the roots of the plant. The same is the case with solutions of mineral fertilizers, which achieves their prolonged effect.

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