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Decorative wood chips-red,yellow,orange and brown

Biovita wood chips, resistant to weather conditions. Dyed with high-class dyes, therefore the color is durable, does not fade under the influence of precipitation and UV rays. Dyes are substances that are insoluble in water and do not adversely affect the physical and chemical composition of the substrate. Completely safe for the environment. The physical properties of the wood chips have a beneficial effect on the regulation of moisture and temperature of the top layer of the substrate. Chips, just like bark, significantly reduce the growth of weeds, while maintaining high durability. The very high aesthetic and decorative values of wooden chips have found their supporters not only in hobby compositions, but also professionals in the field of gardening and landscape architecture. The product allows us to create unique, unique squares, gardens in various colors.

Why is it worth buying the product?

  • it is not damaged by weather conditions
  • creating unique, inimitable compositions
  • decorative and mulching material
  • limits the growth of weeds

It is most often used as a mulch material:

  • around trees, shrubs and perennials
  • u baštama cvetnjaka
  • in flowerbed gardens

in urban green areas on flower beds and squares

Dekorativni malč - Supstrat Maki Plus