Considering that we have been importing peat used in blueberry cultivation for seven years, in contact with our customers, we came up with the idea to import ready-made blueberry substrate, to which nothing needs to be added (nothing in terms of additional components, fertilizers, pH regulation).

Ready-made substrate for blueberries

The fractions of peat that we import are: 0-5, 0-10, 0-20, 0-30, 0-40, 10-30, 20-40 mm. Our customers usually opt for peat fraction of 0-40 mm, as a combination of the best price-quality ratio.

According to the market analysis and the comments of our customers, our company has the most favourable prices of peat for blueberries in Serbia and the region.

Blueberry substrate with perlite QTS (perlite 10% by volume)

  • pH(H2O) 4,5
  • 90% light peat
  • + 10 % perlite
  • Fraction: 0-40 mm /li>
  • 0.5 kg / m3 of water-soluble fertilizer with a complex of microelements with iron (300 g / m3).

Growing blueberries requires an acidic environment and the most optimal pH value is from 4 to 4.5. In order to maintain the pH reaction of the soil, i.e. the acidity of the soil itself in blueberries, it is necessary to use fertilizers that contain sulphates. These are fertilizers that convert a small amount of sulphur in contact with water into sulfuric acid. It then creates an acidic reaction, so there is no need to add an acidic substrate, but we will make the fertilizer maintain an acidic reaction.

Foliar fertilization can be in two forms, as organic fertilizer, i.e. liquid fertilizer for top dressing, or as mineral fertilizers. It is always good to know that certain fertilizers with a dose of iron need to be added to the plant. It is iron that enables the plant to form a better quality leaf mass and to form better quality fruits. It follows that a sufficient amount of iron in the fruit itself is very important, and the quality of iron from the fruit itself depends on it.

Supstrat za borovnicu sa perlitom QTS

Structure of blueberry substrate

Blueberry substrate has a rough structure (0-40 mm) and can be used by placing in beds, large pots or bags made of special material. Perlite in the substrate is characterized by the following properties:

  • It is a good depositor of water and solution
  • The pH is neutral
  • Unfavourable for pathogen development
  • It is environmentally friendly and healthy
  • Adding perlite to the soil improves its water-air regime
  • The use of perlite achieves a prolonged effect of mineral fertilizers and pesticides
  • The presence of perlite in the soil prevents the formation of crusts


When producing seedlings in a substrate with perlite or perlite itself, it is much easier to remove the plants, without damaging the roots. The air inside the perlite granules is an excellent thermal insulator, so a layer of perlite and earth can be a good protection against frost.

Thanks to their ability to absorb and retain moisture, perlite granules absorb excess moisture from the soil. When the concentration of moisture in the soil decreases, the perlite granules release the absorbed water and thus maintain a favourable water-air regime around the roots of the plant. The same is the case with solutions of mineral fertilizers, which achieves their prolonged effect.
It is not necessary to add anything to the blueberry substrate during planting.

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Supstrat za borovnicu sa perlitom QTS