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We are engaged in the production of professional substrates in the hobby program, i.e. in volume packages of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 70 litres. Our substrates are made of 100% pure peat. They are obtained by mixing light and black peat, adding hydrated lime to regulate pH, and adding high-quality fertilizer Agroblen produced by the famous company Everris. Fertilizers in the substrate have a prolonged effect of up to six months. We are also engaged in the production of pure earthworms, high-quality organic fertilizer. We founded the earthworm farm back in 1999. Our company is a direct importer and representative for Serbia of Compaqpeat products from Latvia. Our two companies have been business partners for seven years and from year to year, our business cooperation is constantly growing, accompanied by registration and import of a growing range of their products. We import several types of substrates for sowing and rooting, then substrates of medium structure for dipping plants and substrates of large and very large structures for very demanding plants.