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About us

We are the company SUPSTRATI MAKI DOO. Our company was founded in 1999. We are engaged in the production of professional substrates in the hobby program, the production of earthworms and the import and sale of professional substrates and peat.


Maki Plus Substrate

The substrate is used when sowing and transplanting vegetable seedlings, most types of indoor, balcony garden flowers, lawn planting, etc.


Earthworm is a completely natural organic fertilizer. It can be used as a basic organic fertilizer to repair the soil structure or to make a nutrient mixture for flower production.


Peat is formed by humification of Sphagnum moss, it is free of nematodes, sterile. In the higher layers, light peat is formed, and in the deeper layers, brown and black peat. Peat is used as a raw material for the production of finished substrates, for growing blueberries, conifers and other plants.

Imported substrates

Our company is a direct importer and representative for Serbia of Compaqpeat products from Latvia. Our two companies have been business partners for seven years and from year to year, our business cooperation is constantly growing, accompanied by registration and import of a growing range of their products.


Business partners that make up the distribution network of the company "Maki" and places where you can buy our products

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